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Photographer since 1984 : Journeying through Industrial, Advertising and Travel work, Ashim Ghosh photographed many ads, audiovisuals, brochures, book covers, calendars, etc. However, his photographic stock was most successful, with selected images on the vast diversities of India, from ecologies, landscapes and people to agriculture, industries, cities and villages. By 1991 Ashim had evolved into one of India's prominent Contemporary Photographers. His works have continued to be exhibited in and out of India, including shows at The Photographers Gallery, London, NCPA, Mumbai, Singapore Art Museum and in numerous galleries from New Delhi to Tokyo & New York. Most of Ashim's photographic work since 1989, has focussed on diverse issues of masculinities...

Ashim Ghosh's new photographic work, is an auto-documentation of a performance with light. This work entitled "Wisp - a write with light", was featured during Photosphere 2016, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, in December 2016, under the aegis of his new multiple media installation – illume – light in its element

WISP ©2015 - new photographic auto-documentation of a performance with light


Black Divine Wall


the Missing Ling

Home Street Home

Post-Midnight Hour - 3-eposide series on 50 years of the Photograph in India

directed & produced by Ashim Ghosh in 1997

anchor: Veena Das

lighting cameraperson: Dilip Varma

script design: Madan Gopal Singh

commissioned by Prasar Bharti, India in 1997

©2016Ashim Ghosh all rights reserved and registered