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July 2001, IDEA#4 - the Indian documentary of electronic arts

Juli 2001, United Nations, New Delhi

9th Apr 2005,  Leela-e-Elahi Festival, Gurgaon

12-14 Aug 2005, Nature Morte, New Delhi

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Today, in 2016, the shabdkoshish project has grown in leaps and bounds, with a host of tried and tested, effective educational technologies and resources; analogue and digital; based on principles of contemporary pedagogy, and the play way system of teaching & learning.

The shabdkoshish array of exciting innovative modern educational resources, has been specially designed to encourage an interest and contemporary engagement with Indian languages, while enhancing ability and quality in the language. Phase 1 in HIndi. Then Marathi, Bangla, Koshur and English, and then so on for all Indian languages.

  • – smart Hindi word game app for all smart phones and tablets 
  •  - shabdkoshish® e-learning resources for computers & laptops – online primary learning, word games and the world’s first Hindi online word game competitions
  • shabdkoshish® pitaraTM – effective analogue primary language learning -  ...coming soon


Wordgames have long been acknowledged by experts across the world, to be an important contributor to the enhancement of a language and its vocabulary. Inspired by this in the 90’s, Ashim Ghosh, multi-lingual artist-inventor from New Delhi, decided to engage with the orthographic complexities and structure of Indian languages and; after several years of research, development and testing;invented the shabdkoshish® wordgame system.

The innovative system introduced universal symbols for Matras and half Consonants, and a proper frequency distribution of all letters and symbols; based on their popularity in vocabulary; handwritten on wooden tiles and cubes. For the first time, using this system, it was possible to create contemporary wordgames like Scrabble® and Boggle® in Indian languages – starting with Hindi. The shabdkoshish games were then prototyped, presented, demonstrated and published extensively 2000 onwards, with a vision to refine and grow into many other languages.

In keeping with that aim, the shabdkoshish language project has continued to create innovative language learning and teaching technologies – analogue and digital – designed to bring contemporary energy to our languages in India, as well as in Asia.

In the recent past, in collaboration with entrepreneur Rohit Nair and prominent musician-producer Chintan Kalra, Ashim Ghosh established Sum Yantra. Today; now a certified Startup India company; Sum Yantra has redesigned and recast the diverse aspects of the shabdkoshish project, and is launching them one by one.

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