The S K Project

perspectives on masculinities from across India, with original live songs, soundscapes and imagery

9th Apr 2005,  Leela-e-Elahi Festival, Gurgaon

12th & 14th Aug 2005, Housing the Black Divine, Nature Morte, New Delhi


a semi-fictional solo work by Ashim Ghosh

(duration 50mins) supported  by The CASA Documentation Centre, New Delhi with studio portraits from their archives

" Hi! I am Sanjay Kamaal, and you are watching The Missing Ling : music and imagery presenting a few varied perspectives on masculinities.

The material has been culled from my ongoing body of research  called The SK Project.

I am a Journalist. Widely travelled across India and around the world.  I embarked upon the SK Project 23 years ago as a personal inquiry

into my world of men, machismo and masculinities. Who are men? What do men feel? What are our concerns? 

Initially I decided to contain my inquiry to only those who had the initials SK in their names.

Hence the SK Project!"                                                                                                                      S. Kamaal, Journalist


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Phooti Kismet

Who do you love?

College days

more parts of The SK Project


Home Street Home

with the text read out in different languages



with live music and drumming



images, text, lyrics, video and music (C)Ashim Ghosh



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collaborating as a soundscape designer  

Ashim Ghosh

multiple media artist & inventor


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