video director & producer

Post Midnight Hour

 celebrating the Indian Photograph:1947-1998

 a 3 episode series produced & directed by 

 and commissioned to  Ashim Ghosh 

 by Prasar Bharati, India in 1997





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Professional Video Director & Producer since 1993 : In 1993 Ashim Ghosh directed and produced his first corporate video, for McKinsey & Company. He did many videos for their international clients thereafter. In 1997, he was commissioned by Doordarshan National Television- Post Midnight Hour - a 3-part series on 50 years of the Photograph in India. Studio Stories -  a documentary he made on Indian photo studios, was shown in Jan 2000 at Serendipity : the Asian Millennium Video and Photography Festival, Tokyo. Ghosh also directed & produced the Xerox Millennium videos for S Asia.

His first digital video short - Metagrapple & Twiddle - was shown at The Worms Festival, Singapore in 2004. Other than several screenings and installations in India, a collection of his short videos toured Colombia and Latin America, with the II Monographic Media Art Sample in Apr-Jun '06. Ghosh has now also started using video in live solo performances, one of then being The SK Project : perspectives on masculinity.

A series of his short videos were presented at the “Festival International de l'Image - Paris 2010”  held during the 3rd week of May at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, and during the 4th week of May at the Paris Diderot University.

Ashim's multiple media performance in September 2009, New Delly Belly – portraits & memories of New Delhi in 2009, was a live collaborative show; with original songs, music, multi-screen video and surround sound; between Ashim Ghosh, Deepak Castelino and Amitesh Grover. The songs & music were written by Ashim and Deepak, as an updated re-casting of their original work - Delly Belly, from 1993.


Apna Ghar

#1, #2 & #3

Windowless Worlds

Room #7


Home Street Home

New Delly Belly

The Missing Ling 

pair on the treadmill

Driveabout III 

Hum   Hommes 

Charlotte & Antonia

change a tyre in New Delhi


visit the pre-view forest

evolving a representation of

 diversity and difference