Hum Hommes

an audiovisual installation presenting diverse perspectives on masculinities

by Ashim Ghosh, New Delhi, India


hum : originally Persian, now in Hindustani/Hindi : Together / Us / We/ I

hommes : French : Men

Hum Hommes : Together as men / Us men / We men


Who are men? What do men feel? Are all men aggressive, insistent and violent? Is there no liberation from the very power that most men are set up to believe is theirs? Is masculinity only about the male gender, or is it behavioral, and inclusive of all genders? ...and therefore aren't there several masculinities? What are the economics of masculinity, from the growing insistence of media, to morally justified Wars? And the intolerance that is all-pervading in a planet dying for non-violent co-existence... Many questions, we men have to deal with... It maybe possible to start finding answers, if we can start seeking the sameness within our differences, instead of the differences in our sameness... the sameness together as men... together as human... Hum Hommes... Hum Human...


components : (click on the links for more details and video excerpts)

1. print and audio installation LAIN & F.Ling : portraits of masculinities   

* LAIN - 12 life size full body images on the ground   * F.Ling - 15 x  20"X 30" and 6 x 60"X 40" images

* accompanied by a multi-channel soundscape (excerpt currently playing in the background...)

2. video Apna Ghar #1, #2 & #3 : insights into living single & non-reproductive by choice

Three DVDs looped on monitors, with a 6' X 9' hand drawn background. Audio on headphones...

3. video Home Street Home : images of poverty  

1-3 DVDs looped on monitor surrounded by 6-12 multilingual text plaques inset with photographic images. Soundscape from DVD monitor

4. video Shock$Awe : campaigns across human history, which have claimed more than 1 million lives

DVD looped on Monitor, with Headphones

5. video Windowless Worlds : metaphors of our intolerance

DVD Projected on a 4' x 6' screen just behind Shock$Awe monitor, with soundscape on a small music system




concept and production

(C)Ashim Ghosh




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