digital video by Ashim Ghosh, New Delhi, India

       pair on the treadmill

lens lowered looking down

feet on the ground

held by 9.8cm/sec2


9th Apr 2005,  Leela-e-Elahi Festival, Gurgaon

12th - 15h Aug 2005, Housing the Black Divine, Nature Morte, New Delhi

Apr-Jun 2006, II Monographic Media Art Sample, Colombia & Latin America

May 2010, Festival International de l'Image, Paris



does his gaze de-masculinise when he lowers his protruding lens?

looking down, does he appreciate what he takes for granted?

that which grounds him. 9.8cm/sec2. gravity.

and as is the prerogative and pursuit of each existence

he challenges that which grounds him, to suit his purpose.

he makes the earth move for himself.

much like a treadmill...

pensive, quiet, incessantly, he trudges on

through cities and villages, on snow, up and down steps.

a man burdened with the weight of existence.

a man who has been socialised into an expectation of success and triumph.

a man burdened with the responsibility of making the earth move...

probably, just his luck!

but, by the way... did the earth move for you too?





1) projected from vertically above

on a white bed-sheeted bed,


2) or 4 synched monitors on the floor,

pointing vertically up



video still from pair on the treadmill

(C)2004 Ashim Ghosh




DVD duration : 08:00:09

please click on image to see excerpt



concept and production

(C)Ashim Ghosh




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